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you know, vegan stuff.

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Dinner: lil bit of raw pizza.

Recipe from: Rawmazing.

Just a reminder for the locals: this Sunday (4/21) is the annual VegFest, sponsored by Michigan’s largest vegetarian organization, VegMichigan, who will present a vegan tastefest, health, and environmental expo at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. VegFest brings a variety of experts, innovative products, and activities. Check out VegMich site for more info.

Lunch: raw soft corn tortilla tacos, with spicy “beans”, tomato, lettuce and tangy sour creem. (Special nod to MG for her help making the tortillas!)

Recipes from We Like It Raw.

Sunday Brunch @ Brooklyn Street Local, the “Traditional”. I can’t recommend this place enough. The best breakfast in Detroit, hands down.

TLT and lentil salad lunch at the park. <3<3

Made some #veganchocolate bunnies this year… #easterbunny #vegan

(recipe here)

The Detroit Free Press has an excellent article today regarding the rise in children who eat a vegan diet.

“If I knew you couldn’t be healthy and vegan, then no, I wouldn’t be doing it,” says the stay-at-home mom, who’s passionate about animal rights and became a vegan 15 years ago. “For Tyler and Will and Maya, it’s never been this torturous thing or even close. It’s just that eating animals doesn’t make sense to them.”

Cheers to this family, and all families who strive to raise compassionate, tolerant, loving children who yearn to create a better world for tomorrow.

Some dinners this week….Friday night pizza, salad porn, spinach lasagna. BAM!

Justin Timberlake - Bring It On Down 2... by IdolxMuzic

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………VEG OUT!